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Poetry in the Pines

Monadnock Writers’ Group and Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge have collaborated on a poetry contest for several years. The winning poems are displayed on the trails at Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge.

Monadnock Writers’ Group and Cathedral of the Pines recognized the winners of the 2023 Poetry in the Pines contest on Saturday, May 6, at Cathedral of the Pines. The event included poetry readings by guest judge Henry Walters, current and past contest winners, and a short walk on the trail where the poems were posted. 

Cathedral of the Pines and Monadnock Writers’ Group jointly sponsor the Poetry in the Pines contest. Three winning poems, selected from over 80 submissions, were announced at the event.

Winning poems were:

  • Afterimage by Alix Woodford,

  • Darkening Trees by Fred Gerhard, and

  • Talking by Allie Baker

The winning poems were displayed along designated trails, joining winners from prior years.

According to guest judge Walters, the poets give a “clear-eyed view of the place we live.” He states the poems display, “economy of language, deep consideration of the rhythms of the natural world, attentiveness to sensory detail, and an unexpected, understated playfulness. They hold up a mirror to what’s best in us and amplify it.”

Since 1945 Cathedral of the Pines has honored the service of American men and women. Its open-air cathedral and historic monument located in Rindge, NH are open to the public as a place of spiritual, cultural, and environmental appreciation.

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